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Mott The Hoople Original Album Classics (5 CD) Серия: Original Album Classics инфо 10553g.

Mott The Hoople Original Album Classics (5 CD) Серия: Original Album Classics инфо 10553g.

Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в коробку Содержание CD1: Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes 1 Sweet Jane 2 Moma's Little Jewel 3 All The Young Dudes 4 Sucker 5 Jerkiапчьтn' Crocus 6 One Of The Boys 7 Soft Ground 8 Ready For Love / After Lights 9 Sea Diver 10 One Of The Boys (Bonus Track) 11 Black Scorpio (Demo) (Bonus Track) 12 Ride On The Sun (Demo) (Bonus Track) 13 One Of The Boys (Uk Single Version) (ббзцйBonus Track) 14 All The Young Dudes (David Bowie / Ian Hunter Vocal) (Bonus Track) 15 Sucker (Edit) (Bonus Track) 16 Sweet Jane (Bonus Track) CD2: Mott The Hoople Mott 1 All The Way From Memphis 2 Whizz Kid 3 Hymn For The Dudes 4 Honaloochie Boogie 5 Violence 6 Drivin' Sister 7 Ballad Of Mott The Hoople 8 I'm A Cadillac / El Camino Dolo Roso 9 I Wish I Was Your Mother 10 Rose (Bonus Track) 11 Honaloochie Boogie (Bonus Traбнлоьck) 12 Nightmare (Bonus Track) 13 Drivin' Sister (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon) (Bonus Track) CD3: Mott The Hoople The Hoople 1 The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll 2 Marionette 3 Alice 4 Crash Street Kids 5 Born Late '58 6 Trudi's Song 7 Pearl 'N' Roy (England) 8 Through The Looking Glass 9 Roll Away The Stone 10 Where Do You All Come From (Bonus Track) 11 Rest In Peace (Bonus Track) 12 Foxy Foxy (Bonus Track) 13 (Do You Remember) Saturday Gigs (Bonus Track) 14 The Saturday Kids (Bonus Track) 15 Lounge Lizzard (Bonus Track) 16 American Pie / The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll (Bonus Track) CD4: Mott The Hoople Drive On 1 By Tonight 2 Monte Carlo 3 She Does It 4 I'll Tell You Something 5 Stiff Upper Lip 6 Love Now 7 Apologies 8 Great White Wail 9 Here We Are 10 It Takes One To Know One 11 I Can Show You How It Is CD5: Mott The Hoople Shouting Aбсчгкnd Pointing 1 Shouting And Pointing 2 Collision Course 3 Storm 4 Career (No Such Thing As Rock 'N' Roll) 5 Hold On, You're Crazy 6 See You Again 7 Too Short Arms (I Don't Care) 8 Broadside Outcasts 9 Good Times 10 Too Short Arms (I Don't Care) (Eddie Kramer / Electric Lady Mix) (Bonus Track) Исполнитель "Mott The Hoople".